About Us

EMC-Engineers/Scientists is fortunate to have very experienced team members, most of us having worked together since the 1990’s. Our collaboration provides a high level of professionalism, able to serve the private, commercial, manufacturing, port and marina, government and financial communities.

Rick Gates

Rick Gates is a registered Geologist, geochemist and environmental scientist who has been engaged for the past 30 years in a broad range of projects requiring his skills in geotechnical investigation and modeling, subsurface investigation and environmental cleanup, laboratory analysis and inferencing, surface and groundwater hydrogeology and consultation.


Lorraine Akin

Lorraine Akin is a trained office manager and accountant, with 23 years’ experience as a business owner, purchaser, employer and investor.


Jack Akin

Jack Akin is a licensed professional engineer and environmental scientist, trained and experienced in civil/environmental engineering works, bio-engineering, environmental assessment/cleanup, FEMA funding/grant writing, port & harbor engineering and permitting.


James Harrell

James Harrell is an environmental engineer with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, consulting and water system construction, with a knowledge base that includes chemistry, regulatory compliance RE hazardous materials/waste, permitting, ESAs, agricultural irrigation design, pumping systems, hydraulics and water treatment for public water systems. Other skills include ARC-GIS, CAD and MS Office products.


Joel Woodward

Joel Woodward, an EMC associate, has been working with the firm for decades. Joel is a very skilled architectural and engineering computer-aided drafting and design professional.